The solution to the problems faced by women through education?

 The solution to the problems faced by women through education?

Women have been enjoying great status in civilized societies since day to day, the educated classes have always recognized the importance of women's education. In order to establish a successful, dignified, and healthy society, it is necessary for women to be educated along with men. Along with the immense importance of women in human society, women also have to face numerous problems on the basis of sex only. The importance of women in developed societies is also greater. And they also face fewer problems like ignorance, whereas in developing, less educated societies, women are treated like animals. Women are also prevented from getting an education. Parents dare to send their girls to school and college, but when they go out of the house to school and college, the ill-mannered boys of the same society harass them in such a way that the poor parents feel their girls' virginity is in danger. Insecurity

The fear of this forces the parents to stop the education of girls. Similar incidents have been happening with the students of Kahna Women's College in Lahore for a few days, due to which the parents of the girls are in great distress. According to the news of senior journalist Syed Zahid Hussain, Yusuf Najmi, Dr. Karam, Sajjad Ali Shakir, and Mirza Abrar Baig Sahib, dozens of students tried to enter the college from the outer gate of the Women's College last day, chasing the female students, which the watchman of the college tried to stop. The students started assaulting the college janitor and other security staff.

While fighting, the hooligan students threw bricks at the janitor's head, causing the janitor Kamran to bleed profusely. The two attacking goons were caught and immediately informed on 15. On the arrival of the local administration, the goons were in a daze. The SHO Kahanna Muhammad Raza, who started raiding, said that the elements who harass girls will be dealt with iron hands. The news is from senior journalists, so the word has been added literally while calling those who harass girls students, shameful. It is felt. 

Learners, This is the situation, that can be expected from the educated and ignorant. The second important thing is that there are no good security arrangements for the students of the Kahana Women's College in the corner of the Model Police Station Kahana. Such tragedies can be avoided if two policemen are deployed at the gate of the college along with a woman policeman from Ferozpur Road. They don't even feel ashamed. There are countless reasons for sexual immorality, and if I start writing, the writing will be particularly long. While today's topic is related to women's education and training and strong social role. Women are not less than men in any respect, only the delicacy of the body should be taken into account. It is an inappropriate behavior that should be abandoned now. Women are not only exposed to insecurity outside the home but also inside the home. It is normal for serious incidents to occur in which women cannot even sit in front of a male police officer to explain.

 Even if a woman dares to explain, it is difficult for her to get justice. In order to solve the problems faced by women, there should be an adequate number of women in the law enforcement police department in the cities. If the recruitment is done, women can report serious crimes like domestic violence, physical violence, sexual harassment, indecency, and defamation to a female police officer without hesitation. If there is a need for the police to enter the veiled houses, I will enter with female officers so that the dignity of the citizens is not violated. will be able to play a role, so the government should enact the strictest legislation and implement it strictly for the immediate solution of all the difficulties in the way of girls' education.

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