Imran Khan. A rich politician of fortune

 Imran Khan. A rich politician of fortune


In Pakistani politics, after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Imran Khan is among the few politicians who are always the center of attention in the political and non-political circles, public circles and media, whether in the ruling house or the opposition. live Imran Khan is also counted among the few lucky politicians. Imran Khan's fame has been talking about him long before his entry into politics. It will not be a lie to say that the recognition and fame of the game of cricket in the cities, towns and villages of Pakistan is due to Imran Khan and Javed Miandad. After winning the 1992 Cricket World Cup, the construction of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital catapulted Imran Khan to the heights of fame. Started politics from 1996. Imran Khan did not look back after the 30 October 2011 Lahore Jalsa Aam. In these 11 years, Imran Khan made different statements over time. He called Zardari a thief, but in the Senate election, he got elected as his chairman thanks to Zardari, who is still in power. Pervaiz Elahi was called the biggest dacoit of Punjab, but he was made the Speaker of the Provincial Assembly and later the Chief Minister. And now he has made the president of his political party.

 Mr. Sheikh Rasheed continued to be honored with titles like chapadasi. Then he also gave them the opportunity to join his cabinet. Sometimes Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan were the stars of their eyes and sometimes they were stars on the ground. The Model Town tragedy shone a bright light on politics, but during his tenure, the named accused bureaucrats were selectively promoted to the highest positions. Imran Khan, who gave examples of Dutch Prime Minister going to the office on a bicycle, preferred to travel by helicopter from his personal residence located a few kilometers away from the Prime Minister's office. Imran Khan, who raised his voice for basic needs like health and education, could not build any big government hospital or university except for the construction projects of Shaukat Khanum Peshawar and Karachi branches during his tenure. Musand was able to collude with the Umpire and Baba Rahmat to gain power, while using the Umpire's shoulder to pick every political rival against the wall like Anarkali. 

Thanks to the patronage of the umpire, black became the owner of the white, and they forgot that the umpire is never anyone's friend. During the reign, he stood shoulder to shoulder with the umpire and claimed that we were all on the same page. While in power, he kept claiming that he was the most powerful prime minister in the and that everything was decided by his will. After being removed from power, Musnad continued to target his biggest benefactor, the umpire, with non-stop insults, in other words, he proved himself as a puppet. Mr. Imran Khan is blessed with fortune who had the good fortune of Baba Rahmats and umpires during his Prime Ministership before becoming the Prime Minister. Even some famous and well-known religious motivational speakers were lucky. 

For Mr. Imran Khan, the roads to get power were cleaned like a household cleans on the arrival of a guest. During his tenure, he greatly enjoyed the Prime Ministership. Nepotism was shown selectively. He handed over the health department to his loved ones sitting in America, and the American loved ones continued to receive heavy compensation from the Pakistani treasury for online services. Also got my sister-in-law fit in HSC. The Board of Directors of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Nimal University were made part of the Cabinet. Mr. Imran Khan, who came to power by raising slogans of accountability, kept his eyes closed like a pigeon on the cases of corruption of ministers and advisors during his regime. When the Chairman of NAB indicated to file the reference of the government ministers, videos of him kissing from head to toe were filmed. 

The files of mega corruption cases in Health, Medicines, Wheat, Malam Jabba, Peshawar Mass Transit Bus, Bullion Tree were covered. He used to take a U-turn on his every project and called it a sign of a great leader. The heart wants to write more about the greatness of Khan Sahib, but it is difficult for the editorial page of Bujoh newspaper to write more about the greatness of Mr. Khan. However, despite all these things, Mr. Imran Khan is a really rich political leader of fortune whose followers accept every word of their leader at every moment and on every occasion. And Imran Khan's followers get emotional even on true, genuine criticism against their leader. Perhaps, according to Khan's followers, Imran Khan can do no wrong. Be it corruption cases or Khan Sahib's Uterine. Apparently, the current government is facing strong resistance from the PTI workers to detain Imran Khan, but on the other hand, the Pakistan Muslim League-N workers continued to release their leader Nawaz Sharif to jail to the beat of the drum. Now all these things should be considered the victory of Imran Khan in the war of rhetoric or the commitment of the workers of other parties to their party leadership should be considered only to the extent of voting in the elections. I have no hesitation in claiming that In the rating of the luckiest politicians in the history of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan is number one.

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