Political chaos is a killer poison for national integrity

Political chaos is a killer poison for national integrity 

On the one hand, the country is facing serious economic problems, on the other hand, the mutual differences of the national high institutions have taken a dangerous situation. Take the legal way to stop it and bring the people who are struggling with life-threatening inflation, hunger and poverty out of this state of uncertainty. Otherwise, the deterioration of the situation is not a good omen but a precursor of a big storm. PTI The head needs to stay on the streets so that the pressure on other institutions including the government is increasing while showing the street power. You have not seen how PTI workers vandalized and damaged government property on the occasion of Imran Khan's court appearance. The question is that the law is becoming softer than wax with Imran Khan. The Supreme Court also gave the date of the election through Somoto action. It is too early to say anything about whether the elections will be held on time. PTI's full effort is to talk only to the establishment. While all their agendas from Saefer to Jail Bharu Tehreek have come to the fore. That is, the most famous and popular political leader of the country should talk to them instead of the political forces. They want to speak to those who do not interfere in politics. Earlier, the judiciary has also been made controversial. The greed of own interests and governance has pushed the country into the blind well of political chaos. The poor and helpless nation is suffering the consequences of this instability. Political parties have neglected morality in their lust for power. Their rivals were called by bad names. The credit of this invention belongs to PTI. On the other hand, PML-N leaders use such ugly words in their political meetings which are not good for national reconciliation. It should be noted that this culture of intolerance and backbiting in the country is a poison for the nation and the nation. The tragedy is that the quality of foresight and prudence that is needed in the stakeholders of the state is not visible from afar. Is.

The justice system, the administration has been paralyzed, the judiciary is full of political cases and petitions, while the cases of ordinary citizens have been pending for years. Therefore, as a result of this political distraction and confrontation, Pakistan is in the grip of such a multifaceted crisis, from which the ruling classes are unable to find any way out. Every succeeding government blames the previous government and leaves the country with a new crisis. In such a situation, where should the poor people go? Most of the burden of inflation, inflation and economic crisis is put on the people through daily increases in the form of various taxes and utility bills. During the last four years, the value of Rs. Half is left. In such a situation, the increase in wages and salaries should have been at least 50%, which is paid little attention to. The economy is the biggest problem for the common citizen and the country's economy is unfortunately suffering from crisis after crisis. Pakistan startups and knowledge. In the economy, it is probably far behind even among the most backward countries in the world. Our people go around the world and show not only their abilities in every field of life, but also raise the flags of success so that the world is surprised. The question is: What is the flaw in our system that prevents our citizens from developing in the current system and as soon as our people leave Pakistan they become successful? 

The authorities must think about this. World Bank's global economic impact. According to the related report, inflation in Pakistan has reached the highest level since the 70s, foreign exchange reserves are very low. The economy is sinking. In such a situation, people are facing serious problems. This year Pakistan's growth rate is expected to decrease by 6%. Earlier, Pakistan's growth rate was predicted to increase by 4 percent. The worst floods and political crisis are the main causes of Pakistan's economic problems. External debt is also a major problem. Due to the recent floods, the GDP lost by 1.4%. The rupee has depreciated by 14 percent against the dollar. Despite the impossibility of imposing an economic emergency on the part of the government, there is increasing concern about the economy due to the decrease in foreign exchange reserves in Pakistan and the delay in the next installment from the IMF. It has made it easier for Pakistan by helping. Now the chances of reaching an agreement between Pakistan and the IMF have also become brighter, but the real question is that how will the people get relief? And what procedure does the government have in this regard? Undoubtedly, Pakistan-China friendship is higher than the Himalayas, sweeter than honey, as evidenced once again, our friend China has made foreign payments of about 6.5 billion, including two billion to Chinese banks and three and a half billion to other international banks.

 Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar confirmed in a statement on Twitter that the Chinese Bank ICBC has approved the rollover of financing of $1.3 billion for Pakistan after all the procedures are completed. Pakistan will get this money from the Chinese Bank in three installments. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar further said in the tweet that the first installment of 500 million dollars has been received by the State Bank. After receiving fifty million dollars from the Chinese bank, the country's foreign exchange reserves have increased. But the real question is whether the people will get any relief or not. Or them in the same way

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