A ruined country's economy and a bleak future

 A ruined country's economy and a bleak future

There are innumerable reasons such as lack of education, unfavorable health environment, lack of training, stifling atmosphere, the frustration of lack of basic needs, absence of recreational opportunities for a section, wrong order of priorities, ignorance of goals etc. All add to our responsibilities. We satisfy ourselves by escaping from our responsibilities, the Ganges vomits here. We do not know that the Islamic system is also a system. Is there an Islamic system in Europe? The answer is no. The answer to this question is the need for a better strategy, sincerity and compassion from the nation. The forces of the country, the luxuries of the bureaucracy, these magicians who sit in cars worth millions of rupees and the robbers of the country who get millions of rupees pension, car oil, electricity and gas facilities, food and drink, and daily increase in the prices of medicines. , increase in diseases, theft, robbery, fornication, there is noise in the street, but it is all good. It is not going to end. It can be estimated from the economic and social situation of the country that has been deteriorating continuously in the last decade. The total number of all these youths may be much higher than the estimates. Today, this moment is not only a moment of reflection but a moment of destruction. That our factories are closing down, factories are jammed, millions of people working in these factories and factories are burning in the furnace of unemployment. The country's limited economy, social backwardness, less employment opportunities and a relatively easy, luxurious, and free life in the West inevitably attract the most educated and skilled. Due to which skilled engineers, doctors and other technical people of our country try to leave this hell and make their lives comfortable and easy, but it causes irreparable damage to our country because people's money and parents After many years of education, training and education, the society loses an active talent of the future and foreign countries are taking advantage of it. Among the things that we have here that cannot digest the storm of modern technology is the capitalist class. They are greedy for more, getting wealth for a small exchange, sucking the blood of their laborers and slaves, threatening to deprive them of their sustenance by threatening and intimidating them, and wealth for nothing, needlessly and for no purpose. 

The accumulation of new factories and the establishment of new factories, but the salary rate of the employees is very low in proportion to the inflation and it is difficult to survive the use of illegal and wealth obtained from the blood and sweat of the workers is causing indigestion. Which is causing emotional distress. And this is the story of the house. In which the residents are forced to think about their plight. But those institutions created for their efficiency and the protection of the laborers are the brokers of the capitalists, the unselfish and the unscrupulous ones who take the lead in acquiring the laborers for their meager personal gain.

Our capitalist class here is in the position of a broker and cannot develop technologically, socially, culturally, and consciously, so the state has continuously divided the people linguistically, ethnically, and especially to keep them divided and divided. Variant hatreds have been used. That is, he needs a socially disadvantaged skilled and hardworking person who can administer medicine, know how to use a patch, operate a machine all day, keep food straight but not think about economic or social problems and Completely devoid of the ability to question. The most horrendous glimpse of this we find in the education system, in which the thing called logic is far from being standardized and competitive.

It is impossible to believe any statistics that are presented regarding Pakistani economy and social affairs at this time. Every government creates such a pretense of statistics to meet its own will and political needs that the search for the truth is tantamount to gambling. However, there are certain facts that indicate the criticality of the situation. Which is the only government that is sincere to the country and the nation. And if you are in pain, you can do it. Its condition is the revolutionary change of the society under the leadership of a revolutionary party equipped with a correct program of socialism, which will cleanse this society from all kinds of disintegration, oppression and discrimination.

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