What happened to the chartered accountant when he quit his job and started a laundry business?

What happened to the chartered accountant when he quit his job and started a laundry business?


CA (Chartered Accountant) is written on the visiting card. People are often shocked to see it. A client said that people hardly become CAs. Yes, now you are a CA meaning 'cleaning agent'.


This is the story of 34-year-old Apeksha Singhvi from Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, who cleared the Chartered Accountant exam in her first attempt.


Worked as a Chartered Accountant in a reputed organization for ten years and then left the job in 2021 with a package of Rs 2 lakh and started a laundry. His step surprised everyone.


Their laundry plant is set up at Bhawana, Udaipur. Today about fifty hotels in Udaipur and other places do laundry from this laundry.


This laundry plant was started in the year 2021. Apeksha Singhvi had resigned from her job as a chartered accountant to do her own work.


Apeksha's husband Siddharth Singhvi, aged 34, works in a reputed firm in Udaipur.


His brother who is five years younger than Apeksha is also a CA. Many people in relatives are also CA. Apeksha is the first woman to run her own business from her in-laws and her husband.



1st position in women category in CA exam

Apeksha Singhvi, full of confidence, says, "Getting All India 28th rank in CA Inter, 3rd in CS Foundation and 1st rank in women's category."


“In January 2011, I started my first job with the Vedanta Group from Goa,” she says. Stayed there for two years. After that I worked for eight years at Hindustan Zinc at Udaipur HQ and Debari. When I resigned from the job, in 2021 I was getting an annual package of two lakh rupees.


There is no similarity between the work of a chartered accountant and a laundry. Apeksha's decision surprised her family, acquaintances and friends but Apeksha justified her decision by expanding her laundry business in almost two years.


How does laundry work?


This laundry is built in Bhawana area of Udaipur. The laundry has 30 employees, including eight women, working in two shifts. Women only work during the day.


Apeksha has named this laundry as 'Soodha Laundry Service'.


The laundry has two carts for transporting clothes from the hotel and elsewhere. Curtains, sheets, towels, employee clothes etc come from the hotel to be washed.


There are three large machines for washing clothes. Garments are ironed, steam ironed, dry cleaned to order. They are packed and then delivered.


Apeksha says, "Quality and timely delivery of clothes is paramount in laundry work as hoteliers also have to prepare rooms for guests."



Market yourself

Apeksha says about her experience, 'If I tell you a good experience, people appreciated the work too, while giving work, some clients said you are a woman, women also work in your laundry. That's why they're giving you work because women work harder.'


However, not all of his experiences were good. Some people even refused to work.


"Many people refused to give us work because they said we had no experience in washing clothes," says Alesha.


Apeksha Singhvi has a four-and-a-half-year-old son. She fulfills the responsibility of a mother at home and also devotes full time to laundry work.


“When a new client comes in, there is great joy,” she says with a smile. I justified my decision by leaving this company, where people aspire for higher positions.


“Initially there were only five clients, but today we have fifty hotels in Udaipur as our clients,” says Apeksha. I am constantly visiting hotels in Udaipur to recruit new clients.


"I have been working in the laundry for the last six years," says Vijaya, a maid who works there. I have been here for a year and a half. We love that as a lady she is doing the laundry. '



Family support

Almost everyone in the family found it strange to leave the profession of a chartered accountant and do something completely different. Everyone said that why are you taking such a big step by leaving a good job?


Apeksha says, "Parents felt that the children were very well-educated, empowered, but I quit my job and started a job that had no guarantee of success, but eventually everyone supported me."


Apeksha's husband Siddharth Singhvi says, “Apiksha said one day that she has to quit her job and do her own work. Many tourists visit Udaipur, there are also many hotels. Therefore, if laundry is done well, success can be achieved. should be obtained.


"People were very surprised that she was leaving a good job to work in a laundry, but as time went by, everyone's attitude changed."


"It would have been difficult to do this without the support of the family," says Apeksha.


Then she laughs and says, "My younger brother is also a CA." I have been a role model for him growing up, but now the parents feel that maybe he will also quit his job and start doing his own thing.

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