Facts about March 23

Facts about March 23 that the young and the elderly may not know.


23rd March is celebrated as Pakistan Day by the entire nation. If the new generation is asked about this day, they will say that March 23 is the day on which the holiday takes place. On this day, there were usually some events in the past that informed the new generation about the importance of this day. In which the gun salute at the beginning of the day followed by the hoisting of the flag, the military parade and the awards given by the head of state to the civil and military society used to make the day special - but today's generation is not aware of these references. This day is celebrated as a holiday only because of-


Some special facts regarding March 23

Today we have told you some such facts which are important for every Pakistani to know and remember-


  What is Pakistan Day?

Pakistan Day is a special day celebrated on March 23. On March 23, 1940, a resolution was presented at the annual meeting of the All India Muslim League at Minto Park, which proved to be the basis for the creation of Pakistan. This resolution was presented by Bengal Chief Minister Maulvi Fazlul Haque. In which the Muslim majority areas were demanded to be made into a separate state.



Who gave this name to the resolution of Pakistan?

The most surprising demand of this matter is that this resolution was not named Pakistan Resolution by Muslims. Rather, it was given this name by Hindu newspaper writers and journalists. Who strongly opposed the resolution presented in the meeting of the Muslim League in the newspapers of March 24, calling it a Pakistan resolution.


Relationship between Minar Pakistan and Pakistan Day

Minar Pakistan which is also known as Yadegar Pakistan. This memorial has been built in Minto Park at the same place where the Pakistan Resolution was passed. Today Minto Park is remembered as Iqbal Park - the decision to build Minar Pakistan was taken in 1960 during Ayub Khan's regime. After which it was built over a period of 8 years-


The construction cost of Minar Pakistan

According to the committee formed for consulting the construction of this minar, the cost of construction of this minar was estimated at 75 lakhs. Which the then government fulfilled by imposing a tax of 5 paisa on cinema tickets and 50 paisa on race course tickets-


Draft of Qaradad Pakistan

The draft resolution passed on March 23 is clearly inscribed on Minar Pakistan. So that those who come to this Minar can know about its facts and importance-



Relation between Pakistan Day and Military Parade

The parade of all the forces of the country on the occasion of Pakistan Day is an event that makes this day the most memorable. But the fact is that there is no direct connection between Pakistan Day and this military parade - however, this event was held for the first time in 1956 in connection with Pakistan Day celebrations. At that time, this event was held in Karachi, which was the capital of that time.


Since then, this parade is still going on despite being postponed several times. The purpose of this parade is to show off our military might. In order to prove that even today we are united for the protection of this pure country.


Hope all these points will increase your knowledge. Pass them on to your next generation so that they too will be aware of the history and not just celebrate this day as a holiday-

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